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I declare I am the legal owner of the vehicle and have the ownership papers. I am releasing it to the Kidney Foundation of Canada to dispose of through the Kidney Car Program.

I warrant that the vehicle has no liens or outstanding debts, and I am conveying the vehicle free and clear of all encumbrances.

By donating my vehicle, I accept that The Kidney Foundation of Canada and its agents will evaluate, judge and assess the donation value of my vehicle donation in its current condition upon arrival at their facility. Experienced and knowledgeable sales agents will identify vehicles with resale marketability and determine a fair market value for tax receipt purposes through reference to automotive evaluation tools, industry knowledge, and the application of appraisal techniques.

I understand that if the Kidney Car Program operators deem my vehicle to have no resale marketability I will now receive a charitable tax receipt value of $700.00 and a professional automotive recycler will recycle the vehicle. I understand that recycled vehicle tax receipt values are based upon local, micro markets and reflect true remuneration for donated vehicles recycled and resale markets: tax receipt values for recycled vehicles are not influenced or determined by either retail or wholesale automotive price evaluation tools.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Kidney Car Program will strive, within its parameters, to maximize the value of my vehicle donation. The Kidney Foundation of Canada reserves the right to refuse any donation.